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About the Carver

After carving pumpkins for around 20 years, there are a few questions I have been asked many times. The following attempts to answer some of those questions without putting you to sleep at the computer. (Which may be hard to do since the most popular time to stumble into topics like these is the wee hours of the morning.)

Q: "What makes Masterpiece Pumpkins different from pumpkins carved by others?"
A: Our carving methods are unique, and provide illuminated pumpkins that look cleaner, brighter, and really "POP". Here's an example:

Masterpiece Pumpkins

Regular carving

Q: "How did you get started carving pumpkins?"
A: I've designed and carved Jack-O-Lanterns since before I could drive. After sharing a few of my designs with friends I began receiving annual requests to carve "pumpkin masterpieces" for family, friends, acquaintances , and their family, family's friends, etc. who insisted on paying me for the precious time. I was hooked!

Q: "How many pumpkins do you cut each year?"
A: Each year I design and cut around 150-200 or more pumpkins. I guess you could call it a hobby turned obsession. I think I started calling it a "business" to justify all the time I was spending on it.

Q: "What happens to all the pumpkin seeds and meat?"
A: I know, you think of pies, muffins, roasted pumpkin seeds, ... Nope- 99.9% gets bagged, and out in the trash it goes. Can you guess how much a 96 gallon trash can weighs filled with pumpkin guts? (Me either!) It's a good thing our trash trucks have automated lifting devices...

Q: "How long does it take to cut a complicated pumpkin?"
A: Some of the really complicated pumpkins take multiple days to finish, assuming you don't scrap it along the way. You should probably stop when your vision begins to blur. There's nothing worse than the feeling you get in your stomach when you complete a complicated cut, then realize you were supposed to leave that part connected. -AARGH!

Q: "How did you learn to cut pumpkins like that?"
A: I watch, listen, and learn. There are lots of carvers out there with great ideas. TV, magazines, and the internet are great sources of pumpkin carving "pearls of wisdom". And keep your eyes open all year for carving inspirations!

Q: "What does your family think of all the pumpkin carving?"
A: There's behavioral cycle each year. At first they are always excited to see the new designs come to life in the Jack-O-Lanterns. After awhile the "magic" seems to dim a little. By November they wonder how I can still do it- after all, carved pumpkins are well suited for Thanksgiving too. After the first of the year, when I start testing new ideas on the remaining pumpkins from the previous carving season, they are convinced I've lost my mind...

Q: "What do the neighbors think?"
A: On October 31st loads of people come by to see what the "Pumpkin Carver" did this year. On the remaining 364 days I think they agree with the "He's lost his mind," belief. Who can blame them?...


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