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Talking Dead show characters
Talking Dead show characters
Talking Dead "Carol"
Talking Dead "Morgan"
Talking Dead "Ezekiel"
Talking Dead "Chris"

Oct. 2008
Dave Price
Harry Smith
Julie Chen
Maggie Rodriguez

Oct. 2015
Bernardo Osuna
Marly Rivera
Jorge Sedano
Pilar Perez

Oct. 2005
Howie Long
James Brown
Jimmy Johnson
Terry Bradshaw

Oct. 2013
Steve Edwards
Maria Sansone
On the set

Oct. 2007
Chris Cuomo
Diane Sawyer
Robin Roberts
Sam Champion

Oct. 2004
Mike Wilbon
Tony Kornheiser
Stat Boy
On the set

Oct. 2013
Ann Perkins
Jerry Gergich
Gayle G.
Miriam G.
Millicent G.
Gladys G.

Oct. 2012
Desmond Purnell
Elizabeth Moreau
James Bates
Tim Couch
On the set

Oct. 2008
Charles Barkley
Chris Webber
Ernie Johnson
Kenny Smith

Other Celebrity Faces

Abe Lincoln
Alfred Hitchcock
Alice Cooper
Anna Nicole
Anne Chertoff
Barack Obama
Captain America
Charles Barkley
Clark Gable
Dean Martin
Dr. House
Edward Cullen
Ellen DeGeneres
Elvis Presley
Frank Zappa
Gene Simmons
George Burns
George Clooney
Hannibal Lechter
Harry Potter
Humphrey Bogart
Jack Sparrow-1
Jack Sparrow-2
Jack Sparrow-3
James Brown
Jerry Rice
Jerry Springer
Justin Beiber
KISS Faces
Kurt Russell
Laurel & Hardy
Mad Hatter
Marie Antoinette
Marilyn Monroe-1
Marilyn Monroe-easier
Marilyn Monroe-2
Mayor R. Daley
Rachael Ray
Suze Orman
The Office
Uncle Sam
Walt Disney
Winifred-Hocus Pocus
Wizard of Oz-2

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