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Custom Carving

With 20+ years of carving experience, we design and carve 100ís of pumpkins and watermelons each year for parties, homes, businesses, window displays, and movie/theater props. Available in live or artificial pumpkins, each one is hand-selected for the best shape, quality, and color for your carved masterpiece.

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Carving Types

There are 3 types of carved pumpkins/watermelons to choose from, each described below with recommended applications and typical display life.

Live Jack-o'-lanterns

Live pumpkins/melons hollowed out, then designs carved through to light up. Live Jack-o'-lanterns typically last 1-2 days without care, but can last weeks with proper care (care sheet provided). Requires express delivery to ensure freshness.

Solid "skinned"

Pumpkins/melons left whole, with designs etched into the skin. Solid skinned pieces can last several weeks with NO special care! Great for display in well-lit areas, when longer display time or minimal care is desired. Can be shipped via less ground delivery.

Artificial pumpkins

Hand-carved in life-like faux pumpkins, the ULTIMATE choice for preserving your favorite, or super-intricate pumpkin masterpieces! Available any time, lightweight and cheapest to ship anywhere via inexpensive ground delivery.




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Services: Carving | Portraits | Patterns | Presentations | Payment Options

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